Highball Beverage Kit


The Earl Giles Highball Cocktail Kit


Our largest beverage kit yet! A ton of products which we think will be your favorite combinations. Refreshing and bubbly beverages are crowd favorites. We’ve embraced this concept for your drinking pleasure. Kit includes:

  • (1) 8oz. Blackberry-Lavender Elixir
  • (1) 8oz. Honey-Lemon-Chamomile Elixir
  • (1) 8oz. Raspberry-Rose Elixir
  • (1) 4oz. Kola Tonic Syrup
  • (1) 4oz. Tropical Tonic Syrup
  • (1) 1oz. Pineapple-Cinnamon Essence
  • (1) 12oz. Ginger Beer
  • (1) 1oz. Bittercube Bitters
  • (1) 7.5oz. Soda Water
  • (1) 2oz. Ham Sanitizer
  • (3) Disco Citrus Lime Wheel
  • (3) Disco Citrus Lemon Wheel
  • (3) Disco Citrus Grapefruit Wheel

Prepares 35 cocktails, DOES NOT INCLUDE ALCOHOL.

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(1) 8oz. Blackberry-Lavender Elixir, (1) 8oz. Honey-Lemon-Chamomile Elixir, (1) 8oz. Raspberry-Rose Elixir, (1) 4oz. Kola Tonic Syrup, (1) 4oz. Tropical Tonic Syrup, (1) 1oz. Pineapple-Cinnamon Essence, (1) 12oz. Ginger Beer, (1) 1oz. Bittercube Bitters, (1) 7.5oz. Soda Water, (1) 2oz. Ham Sanitizer, (3) Disco Citrus Lime Wheel, (3) Disco Citrus Lemon Wheel, (3) Disco Citrus Grapefruit Wheel.

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