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Events with a Twist — First Look at Our New Space

Our team is extremely excited about everything we highlight in our NEW facility opening in summer 2022! We have thoughtfully built multi-use spaces around the distillery’s production floor(s) and our non-alcoholic bottling company, transforming the massive 18,000 square feet into several comfortable and inviting gathering areas.


Elevated high above the production floor and hidden from the plain view of the main floor is the Mezzanine level, which has been dubbed The Study. An expertly wood-crafted private bar completes the space, The Study is also the only space in the entire facility with televisions. Did someone say poker night? We can accommodate with our 6-seat custom poker table. Need more privacy? Behind the bar is another concealed room with a great deal of natural light from the skylights. Furnished with tables and chairs along with an 85” television for your PowerPoint presentations or fantasy sports draft board.

Separated from The Study bar by an enormous window is our Apothecary. Although isolated by glass, the Apothecary is extremely influential to our entire operation. Over 250 globally sourced extracts and oils are on display and are active in our customization of syrups, elixirs, tonics, spirits, and liqueurs. For our guests, we will be using the apothecary in a sensory & hands-on experience, allowing everyone to concoct their own potion to take home.

Main Floor

The main level is anchored by our majestic 60-foot bar made of Monkey Pod from Costa Rica. Walking through the front doors transports you to an oasis of plant life. We have 600+ plants forming 10’ tall garden stacks which can be moved into many different configurations. Two mature-sized trees stretch high into the 32’ high timber ceiling. Multiplex materials combine wicker, leather, and fabric into our furnishings. 20+ vibrant area rugs really bring the room together. 

The lighting for this enormous space was considerate and astute. Dozens of grow lights align the perimeter. Uplighting within the steel I-beams spanning the width of the entire facility provides the original timber ceiling as an accent art piece. Inconspicuous lighting connected underneath the open framing of the eyebrow awning over the main bar not only brings a soft pleasing glow for the guest but also lowers the headspace creating an intimate bar encounter.

Adjoining the bar is a semi-open kitchen adding to the energy of the main floor. Our 10’ wide, 8’ tall open flame pizza over with intricate and detailed tile is visible for everyone. More than a functioning pizza oven, this is a showstopper piece of artisanship.

All this wraps around the centerpiece of our facility, the gorgeous 500-gallon 22’ tall copper Vendome pot still which is surrounded by glass for everyone to gaze upon. Guests coming in will be able to enjoy their beverage and dinner under the backdrop of a glowing copper hue.

Production facility meets elegance and comfortability. Attention to detail with compassion for our guests and visitors. Earl Giles Headquarters is more than a distillery, it is a destination!


See you very soon.

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