Old Fashioned

The quintessential cocktail which all others are measured. Four elements of spirit, sugar, bitters, and water composed together create this iconic staple in the cocktail library.


Using a measuring jigger, pour sugar into a mixing glass. Followed by a spirit of your choice, in this example we’ll use Bourbon whiskey. The final addition to the concoction is 2-3 healthy dashes of bitters. The fourth and final element (water) is added by way of melted ice. Add ice and stir until desired dilution and chilled mixture.

Using a strainer, pour over fresh ice into your favorite lowball glass. Put the final touches on this masterpiece with a fresh orange peel. Express the oils over the top, insert into the cocktail and serve with a cherry skewer. Cheers!

Tools needed: Jigger, Stirring Glass, Bar Spoon, Hawthorne Strainer, Ice Scoop, Y-Peeler

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