Ginger Whiskey Smash

Get ready for a satisfying twist on an old classic! This recipe is a smashing sensation of fresh citrus and ginger flavors. You'll be savoring each sip in no time.


This summertime classic involves an added step to test your ‘inner bartender’, muddling. Pluck 4-6 medium size mint leaves from a sprig and place them into a shaking tin or glass. Cut 3 fresh lemon wedges and place them on top of the mint leaves. Place the small end of the muddler on top of the lemon wedges and gently push down while making a turning motion. Do this until oils and juice of lemon (and mint) have been extracted.

After the ‘muddle’, pour the measured out amounts, Earl Giles Ginger Syrup and Bourbon (of your choosing), over the top of the muddle mixture. Add ice into the shaking vessel, cover and shake vigorously until desired dilution and chill.

For a debris-free cocktail, strain the mixture through a fine strainer over fresh ice into a lowball glass. If you like the small pieces of fresh mint in your cocktail, no need for the fine strainer. Let the mixture flow through a Hawthorne strainer over the fresh ice.

The finishing touch is a garnishment of a fresh very aromatic mint sprig. Cheers!

Tools Needed: Jigger, Shaking Tin(s), Wooden Muddler, Hawthorne Strainer, Fine Strainer (optional).

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